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Perinatal Depression

The American Psychological Association recently published a series of online health related briefs.  Dr. Sara Rosenquist, Ph.D., ABPP and Dr. Belinda Novik co-authored the APA The Fact Sheet on Perinatal Depression which is available for download here.


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Are you Fulfilled?

Sexual Theraphy Cary NC

Happiness could be as near as your thoughts allow. What habits of thought have you developed, rehearsed? Your thoughts are the keys to your emotions. Cognitive-behavioral therapy can help you learn to turn your mind to unlock happiness.

Secrets of Intimacy

Intimacy Psychologist Chapel Hill NC

Intimacy is a dance of attunement—a paradox of balance and connection. Balance always involves tension. Connection necessitates separateness. Couples therapy or Sex therapy can help you achieve the balance you need for a more fulfilling relationship.

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