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The mind/body connection emerges when we realize that thoughts and feelings occur in the body as neurotransmitters, and neurotransmitters influence disease and health. Cognitive-behavioral therapy works with automatic and habitual ways of thinking. This therapy helps to change unhealthy emotions and undesirable behavioral patterns and offers solutions for healthier, happier ways of thinking, and therefore feeling.

Research has also shown that positive, loving relationships are very important to health and wellbeing. Sociologists have recently developed new research methods that map relationships in such a way that they can show how people influence one another.  This new research shows that things like happiness and health, even quitting smoking and losing weight are highly “contagious” in the sense that people pick up on the emotions and behaviors of others and without even realizing it are influenced in powerful ways.

Therapist Dr. Sara, a Psychologist, has offices in Chapel Hill, NC and Cary, NC. She offers professional counseling for many issues including sex therapy, reproductive health and infertility counseling, post partum depression, marital therapy/couples counseling, group therapy.


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