There are 4 bridges to desire: the visual, the emotional connection, sensate focus, and erotic imagination. DrSara encourages her patients to explore erotic imagination using the pictures in their own mind and to develop their own fantasy life.  Ultimately, all the protagonists in one’s fantasies are really elements of oneself, elements that ought to be acknowledged rather than discarded.

Erotic tastes vary widely. What is hot for one person may be offensive to another. DrSara has compiled a list of erotica that others have found helpful. She offers these possibilities without any endorsement whatsoever.

Caveat Emptor: fantasy is just that–fantasy.  Rape fantasies do not signify a wish to actually be raped, for example, and BDSM fantasies do not necessarily signify a wish to dominate or be dominated in real life…for one thing,  if you act the fantasy, you may well lose the fantasy and all the pleasure it brings.

The Erotic Edge:  22 Erotic Stories for Couples by Lonnie Barbach

Erotic Fantasies for Romantic Couples by Bella Beaudoin

Little Birds: Erotica by Anais Nin

Erotica: Women’s Writing From Sappho to Margaret Atwood edited by Margaret Reynolds

Five Minute Erotica:  35 Passionate Tales of Sex and Seduction edited by Carol Queen

More Five Minute Erotica:  35 Passionate Tales of Sex and Seduction edited by Carol Queen

Ladies Own Erotica by Kensington Ladies’ Erotica Society

The Black Lace Book of Women’s Sexual Fantasies edited by Kerri Sharp

The New Black Lace Book of Women’s Sexual Fantasies edted by Mitzi Szereto

The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy by Anne Rice writing as A.N. Roquelaure (BDSM fantasies)

The Story of O: A Novel by Pauline Reage

50 Shades of Grey Trilogy by E.L. James

My Secret Garden by Nancy Friday

Forbidden Flowers:  More Women’s Sexual Fantasies by Nancy Friday

Beyond My Control:  Forbidden Fantasies in an Uncensored Age by Nancy Friday

Men in Love by Nancy Friday

Nervous in The Service:  An Erotic BDSM Fantasy by Zane (erotica for black readers)

Zane’s The Hot Box:  A Novel by Zane (erotica for black readers)

Zane’s The Heat Seakers by Zane (erotica for black readers)

How To Tell a Naked Man What To Do In Bed by Candida Royale

Herotica:  A collection of Women’s Erotic Fiction edited by Susie Bright

Overflow:  Tales of Butch-Femme Love, Sex, and Desire by Miel Rose

Bed:  New Lesbian Erotica by Victoria Brownworth

Best Lesbian Erotica 2004 by Tristan Taormino and Michelle Tea 

Midnight Reader: Twelve Erotic Tales by Jeff Funk (gay erotica)

Afternoon Pleasures:  Erotica for Gay Couples edited by Shane Alison

Ultimate Gay Erotica 2007 edited by Jesse Grant